January 27, 2021

Women’s Life Jacket – How to Find the Best Jacket For You

A life jacket is one of the most important pieces of protective gear from any human when they are out in the water. No matter what the gender or age is, a life jacket should never be avoided if you are engaging in some activities in the water. This includes adventure sports, traveling etc. Finding the right life jacket for women can be a difficult task, however, here is a list of things that you should consider to get the best life jacket today.

Type of Life Jackets

Generally, there are 5 different types of life jacket available on the market today. Yes, three different types. Type 1, type 2, type 3, and type 4 each type of life jacket is designed to serve a different purpose. However, the basic purpose is to save the life of the user. But, each type of jacket is designed to offer more.

Type 1- this type of life jacket is designed to be used in emergencies only, they are not comfortable to wear and are bulkier than the other two types. The only purpose of this life jacket is to save the life of the user even in the roughest water.

Type 2- this type of life jacket is smaller and is for emergency use in calmer water and for infants.

Type 3- this type of jacket is designed to offer more comfort while wearing, but, the level of protection offered is low. So it is best recommended for people who know swimming.

Type 4- this type of jacket offers the least protection and it is designed for expert swimmers who engage in water sports activities like water-skiing. From these 4 types, based on your requirement select a suitable life jacket.

 Weight Capacity –

Not all life jackets can support the same weight, each type and model of life jacket has a max weight it can help float. Life jackets are available in small, average, and large size, based on your size, select an appropriate jacket.

Material –

A life jacket can be made of different types of material. However, each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Currently, the top-rated life jacket building material is neoprene and nylon. Based on our expertise, we would recommend going for neoprene life jackets as they are more comfortable to wear and long-lasting.

Buoyancy –

Buoyancy here refers to “how much a life jacket lifts you”, of course, it is the basic purpose of a life jacket. However, there are instances where life jackets have not helped the user float. This is why it is important that you consider purchasing a life jacket with maximum buoyancy. Even after you purchase a life jacket with maximum buoyancy, remember to test the product to check the buoyancy.

Colour –

Colour? Really? You might be wondering why the colour of a life jacket is important. Yes, the colour of a life jacket is important as it is one of the major factors that might help the rescuers spot you in the vast sea. This is why we recommend that you go for life jackets with florescent colour as it is easy to distinguish. It is best recommended that under no circumstance should you neglect the above-mentioned factors while purchasing a life jacket today, neglecting any one of the factors could be a foolish decision that could cost your life

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